Announcing release of Floodlight with OF 1.3 support

May 12, 2014 by releases No Comments

We are releasing a version of Floodlight with support for OpenFlow 1.3. We call our version as Floodlight-plus. You can check the release notes and obtain the code from our Git repository. To try the support for OF1.3, do the following after installing JDK 1.7 and Ant in your environment:

$ git clone
$ cd floodlight-plus
$ ant
$ ./

The codebase uses the JOpenFlow repository for speaking the OpenFlow 1.3 wire protocol. The current Floodlight-plus code base is functional for the available applications / modules like topology visualization, virtual networking, static flow pushers, firewall, and loadbalancer.

For support and other questions, visit the Floodlight-plus forum

Testing the release

After running the controller, start mininet with support for OpenFow 1.3 using the following command (Note that this requires a patch to make it pass on the options to the Open vSwitch):

$ sudo mn --topo single,3 --mac --switch ovsk,protocols=OpenFlow13 --controller remote
mininet> h1 ping h2

Assuming the controller is running on localhost, navigate to http://localhost:8080/ui/index.html to open the web interface, and you should see the topology created. You can test the controller further by playing with the staticflowpusher module as follows.

$ curl -d '{"switch": "00:00:00:00:00:00:00:01", "name":"flow-mod-1", "priority":"32768", "ingress-port":"2","active":"true", "actions":"output=1"}' http://localhost:8080/wm/staticflowentrypusher/json

$ curl -d '{"switch": "00:00:00:00:00:00:00:01", "name":"flow-mod-2", "priority":"32768", "ingress-port":"1","active":"true", "actions":"output=2"}' http://localhost:8080/wm/staticflowentrypusher/json

$ curl http://localhost:8080/wm/core/switch/1/flow/json

If everything had worked, you will see a 1) lot of JSON output describing the flows created, 2) ping traffic starting to flow between the two hosts, and 3) ovs-ofctl command should print the following rules:

$ sudo ovs-ofctl -O OpenFlow13 dump-flows s1
  OFPST_FLOW reply (OF1.3) (xid=0x2):
   cookie=0xa000004039d1a6, duration=2968.440s, table=0, n_packets=19, n_bytes=6832, in_port=1 actions=output:2
   cookie=0xa000004039d1a7, duration=1230.261s, table=0, n_packets=18, n_bytes=6934, in_port=2 actions=output:1

More Examples

For testing the other modules and their API, the following scripts would be useful: