Here is a list of useful resources for tutorials and other activities:

  1. Our all-in-one VM to get started with SDN development. We use this for our tutorials and hackathons. This pre-built VM has the following software pre-installed:
    • SDN Controllers: OpenDaylight, Ryu, Floodlight, Pox, Beacon and Trema
    • Example code for a hub, L2 learning switch, and other applications
    • Open vSwitch 1.11 with experimental support for Openflow 1.2 and 1.3
    • Mininet to create and run example topologies
    • Eclipse & Maven
    • Wireshark
  2. Four sample mininet setups that are useful when testing different controller platforms. We highlight setups for:
    • Single switch
    • Two linear switches
    • Load-balancer
  3. Pseudo code of sample applications that are useful when using our app-development tutorials. We provide logic for implementing the following:
    • L2 Hub
    • MAC Learning Switch
    • Stateless Load-balancer
    • Content-aware Load-balancer

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