SDN Hub® is a consortium of SDN enthusiasts promoting development and adoption of SDN solutions. We are actively involved in:

  • Building useful SDN applications
  • Educating the developer community on SDN platforms
  • Conducting Hackathons to promote open-source development
  • Testing other SDN solutions in the marketplace

This website is our portal to discuss and share technical content, such as source code, testing tools, orchestration scripts and SDN applications. Contact us if you would like to contribute, or if you wish to use our applications or toolkits.


  • To get involved, write to
  • If you have technical questions about our releases or in general, or want to discuss SDN topics, visit our forums.

Current Activities


We are several open-source enthusiasts from Deutsche Telekom, Infinera, and other firms. We are looking for members to participate in SDN Hub both in organizational and membership capacities. We are also interested in contributions of open source SDN projects that can be hosted and maintained by the SDN community.


  • Srini Seetharaman
  • Anirudh Ramachandran
  • Sriram Natarajan