SDN Hub brings to you an open-source test suite specifically developed to test SDN-based solutions for Network Virtualization, the first killer-app for SDN. We, at SDN Hub, have significant past expertise in testing several open-source and commercial solutions. We build upon that to offer an open-source test suite that enables users to select the solution that is best suited to their environment.

sdn-solution-architectureThe first set of SDN solutions have a certain degree of vertical integration, i.e., each solution provides its own management, control and data plane elements as shown in the figure to the right. Testing the rollout of these vertically integrated solutions, with several moving parts, is non-trivial. Our test is especially designed to handle that by testing the complete solution, rather than just individual components like OpenFlow controllers or vSwitch.

The test methodology has two classes of tests: 1) the functionality tests, which verify the basic set of features required from network virtualization, and 2) the performance tests, which seek to measure scale, reliability and resource utilization, are individually defined for data plane, control plane and management plane functions.


Disclaimers: The suite’s goal is NOT to help you test, configure, or set up individual components of the solution, nor is it intended to help you set up your SDN environment. As a blackbox test, the results you get may only apply to your specific setup, which might include vagaries of your operating system, hardware, and network elements. However, if you test one or more solutions on a similar testbed, the suite will help you understand the differences and tradeoffs of each solution.

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