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    I have deposit my amount in post office as monthly basis. It is getting now as interest with deposit amount. Now i need to take that amount for my sister marriage. I need to buy some jewel for her. But don’t have a pan card now. I need to apply new pan card in online. I cannot know the procedure and how to apply for that in online. My friend is given two ways for applying that. One is offline and other one is online. I have chosen the first option for applying my pan card. If offline application when i will get. And shall i download from online? I cannot get the computer center near my home. How many days are taken for getting pan card approval? What is the time and age limit for applying new pan card? Did you know? Please share me the details and pan card related ideas here.
    I need you help for downloading the pan card application from online. It is very important now. My sister marriage is held on next month. Before i need to buy the dresses, jewels and other things also. I have watching some of videos to filling the application. It is taken more time and what is the short cut method for filling that application form. Some instructions and assistances are given for me. Please guide me to submit my application as successful. I hope your knowledge and guidance for my application cannot be rejected and processed as soon as possible. Please help me friends. My friend is also nearby me. She is telling online application is best for applying. Is it correct? Shall I use the online method for applying the pan card? My father is also told as same. I need your suggestion about applying methods.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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