Report on SDN Hackathon at ONS 2014

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Sponsored by Khosla Ventures

At Open Networking Summit 2014, we co-organized an exciting SDN Hackathon, which had 24 individuals form 6 teams and build some really cool SDN applications. Teams comprised of participants from diverse backgrounds (engineers, product managers and architects, from different parts of the world (Brazil, Japan, China, Switzerland, USA) and from both industry and academia. True to the hackathon spirit, the participants met with each other and formed teams at the ONS floor before picking a project to hack on.

The SDN hackathon was conceived as a forum for developers to build useful applications for SDN, in addition to serving as a showcase for the ease of programming across different controllers. The top three teams that built the applications with the most impact, feature depth, technical strength and uniqueness/creativity were awarded cash prizes, thanks to sponsorship from Khosla Ventures!

ONS_Hackathon_Judges We were privileged to have the following esteemed individuals serve as judges for the event.

  • JR Rivers, CEO, Cumulus Networks
  • Brent Salisbury, Senior S/W Developer, Red Hat,
  • Dan Pitt, Executive Director, Open Networking Foundation


Here are the winners and the projects; the code for all of these will be online soon.

Winner! First runner-up Second runner-up
Captive portal
Based on Ryu
Patch panel
Based on Ryu and D3J
App-aware flow management
Based on Floodlight
ONS_Hackathon_team_captive_portal ONS_hackathon_team_patch_panel ONS_Hackathon_team_app_aware_TE
Peter Peresini (EPFL), Allan Vidal (CPqD),
Eder Fernandes (CPqD), Joe Stringer (VMware)
Toru Furusawa, Masao Nishie,
Yoshinao Kurihara
Luis Chiang Guerrero (DT), Ron Mitra (Cisco),
Marc Berner (WSU), Flavio Silva (UFU)
Customized action for load-balancing
Based on Floodlight
L2 debugging toolkit
Based on OpenDaylight
Flow visualization
Based on Ryu and D3J
ONS_Hackathon_team_POF_load_balancing ONS_Hackathon_team_L2_debugging_toolkit ONS_Hackathon_team_flow_visualization
Xia Yinben, Song Jian, Song Xuefei,
Hu Shihui, Wei Hanyu, Yang Wenle (Huawei)
Gunjan Patel (Cisco), Rosalind Lee (Cisco),
Siamack Ayandeh (HP), Tom Tofigh (AT&T)
Wataru Ishida, Hisaharu Ishii,
Yoshihiro Nakajima (NTT)

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