sdn-hackathon-ons-2014kv_logo_teal We are excited to organize a SDN Hackathon, in partnernship with Open Networking Summit 2014.  The focus of this Hackathon is to build useful SDN applications on any platform of choice (including OpenDaylight, Floodlight, POX, Ryu, HP VAN Controller). We thank Khosla Ventures for sponsoring this event.

Registration information

The hackathon is only open to folks already registered or registering for ONS 2014.

Date Sunday March 2 from 830am-630pm
Venue Open Networking Summit, Santa Clara Convention Center & Hyatt

Food and refreshments included. Please participate only if you are familiar with SDN platforms and do not plan to be a spectator.

Participant information

All accepted participants of the SDN Hackathon will be invited to join the forum. In case you did not receive the invite or have other problems, please contact In this forum, we will send out the following information:

  • Pointers to tutorials on controllers
  • Hackathon seed ideas document
  • Sign up sheet to help form groups
  • Details about coding/socializing event on Saturday March 1

We encourage participants to ask any technical or logistic questions in this forum.


We are pleased to have the following esteemed individuals serve as a judge for the event.

  • JR Rivers, CEO, Cumulus Networks
  • Brent Salisbury, Senior S/W Developer, Red Hat,
  • Dan Pitt, Executive Director, Open Networking Foundation


08:30a – 09:00a Quick overview of rules, logistics and development environment
09:00a – 05:00p Coding time; Boxed Lunch available at 12pm
05:00p – 06:00p Demo, presentation and judging
06:00p – 06:30p Announcing winners and awards

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