Report on the first-ever SDN Hackathon – Dec 2013

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We organized the first-ever hackathon focused on building useful networking solutions. Thanks to Software-defined Networking, we now have novel platforms to build applications that solve pain-points of network operators. In this hackathon, we encouraged teams to build applications over the OpenDaylight platform.

On the day of the hackathon, 20 individuals formed five groups to develop SDN applications. Interestingly, all participants were beginners to SDN programming. Although we provided seed ideas of applications to build, all teams choose to define their own solution. After 6 hours of deep-dive into the OpenDaylight platform, the teams gave a pitch and demonstration of the applications they worked on. We were truly impressed about the seriousness and excitement that the participants brought to the event.

We were fortunate to have the following industry veterans to judge the outcome of all teams:

  • Neela Jacques, Executive Director of OpenDayLight project
  • Nick Lippis, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of ONUG and Independent Industry Analyst
  • Madhu Venugopal, Senior Principal S/w Engineer at Redhat and core contributor to ODL


Here are the winners and the projects; the code for all of these will be online soon.

Winner! First runner-up Second runner-up
Machine-learning-based route optimizer for data centers Proactive Security Zones for enterprise access control Role-based QoS and captive portal in branch offices Proactive port-based traffic monitoring fabric URI tracker for telcos for targeted advertising
hackathon_team_ML_route_optimizer hackathon_team_proactive_security hackathon_team_role_based_QoS hackathon_team_proactive_tap hackathon_team_URI_tracker
Gunjan Patel, Romil Jain, Rosalind Lee, Yaping Gu Albert Fong, Tianyi Xing, Meenakshi Kaushik, Kishore Gummadidala Sriram Natarajan, Karthik Ramasubramanian, Simarbir Singh, Praveen Kumar Ilanchezhian Raman, Vishak C, Hari Kunamneni Nicholas Shelly, Dharmendra Naik, Vinay Ravuri, Jane Guo, Yatindra Chugh

The mission of SDN Hub is to promote open-source software development to address important problems using SDN technology. This hackathon proved to be a fun way to jumpstart the ecosystem and inspire open-source developers to actively engage. We can’t wait to organize the next one!

We thank LightSpeed Venture Partners and Deutsche Telekom Silicon Valley Innovation Center for their sponsorship


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