IEEE INFOCOM 2016 Innovation Challenge

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At IEEE INFOCOM 2016, we co-organized an exciting 1st innovation challenge panel / pitchfest, where innovators from both academia and industry pitched/presented their entrepreneurial ideas that are original, business-worthy and technically groundbreaking in the area of networking and communications. We were privileged to have the following esteemed individuals serve as judges for the event.

We congratulate the team from University of Napoli Federico II and Meetecho SRL for winning the pitchfest with their idea of Janus, a general purpose WebRTC gateway!!

Here is a full list of our participants, and their ideas:

Institution Title Authors
University of Napoli Federico II, Meetecho SRL Janus: a general purpose WebRTC gateway Simon Pietro Romano; Alessandro Amirante; Tobia Castaldi; Lorenzo Miniero Winner!
North Eastern Univ Context Aware Diabetes Management (CADiaM) using Intra-body Internet Meenupriya Swaminathan; Kaushik Chowdhury Runner-up
Virginia Tech Privacy-Preserving SAS Yanzhi Dou; Yaling Yang; Kui Ren
Politecnico di Torino, Telecom ParisTech, Politecnico di Bari Web QoE: Moving beyond Google’s SpeedIndex Dario Rossi; Enrico Bocchi; Luca De Cicco
Carnegie Mellon Univ Enabling Flexible and Elastic DDoS Defense for IoT Seyed K. Fayaz; Vyas Sekar

Winner and judges
Winner and judges

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