SDN starter kit based on Ryu controller platform

June 26, 2014 by releases 4 Comments

We are releasing a SDN starter kit software package to promote SDN trial and adoption in smaller proof-of-concept deployments. The applications are built over the Ryu controller platform. The current code base offers simple implementations of the applications / modules like topology visualization, monitoring tap management, server […]

Release of OpenFlow 1.3 support for OpenDaylight’s AD-SAL

May 12, 2014 by releases No Comments

Download OpenDaylight, thus far, has supported OpenFlow 1.3 only through Model-driven SAL. However, MD-SAL can be unwieldy at times. We solve this issue by releasing a set of bundles and source code that enable OpenDaylight users to use AD-SAL for controlling OpenFlow 1.3 switches as well […]

Announcing release of Floodlight with OF 1.3 support

May 12, 2014 by releases No Comments

We are releasing a version of Floodlight with support for OpenFlow 1.3. We call our version as Floodlight-plus. You can check the release notes and obtain the code from our Git repository. To try the support for OF1.3, do the following after installing JDK 1.7 […]