Opendaylight Development with Eclipse and Toolkit

May 2, 2014 by opendaylight No Comments

This tutorial requires Opendaylight Toolkit – please ensure you have Toolkit set up and your controller running.Before proceeding, please ensure you have Eclipse 3.9. Though these steps work in Eclipse 3.8, there seem to be occasional errors with directory paths. Additionally, you will need the […]

Opendaylight Toolkit: Roll-your-own Opendaylight App

May 1, 2014 by opendaylight 1 Comment

This is a quick introduction to the Opendaylight Toolkit. We will not go over Opendaylight basics here – please refer to our intro tutorial for an overview and intro to Opendaylight. 1. Why Opendaylight Toolkit? Opendaylight is highly modular and highly customizable. However, the existing […]

SDN Test Suite: Results for Floodlight and OpenContrail

We compared the functionality and data plane of the following three approaches for virtual networking: OpenContrail solution: This overlay-SDN solution uses BGP control plane and MPLSoGRE for the data plane. Each virtual dataplane (called vRouter) is also a full-fledged routing gateway. The snapshot of the […]

SDN Test Suite – Motivation

This is the second in a series of posts about the SDN test suite that we’re building as part of the SDN Hub open-source ecosystem. Read a teaser hereĀ and the followup post with test results here. Our goal is to build a modular, easily-configurable software […]